Ultrasound Technician Salary in Illinois: Data Analysis

According to Indeed.com, as per data released on Feb, 2013 pay for ultrasound technician in Illinois is 5% higher than average Ultrasound Technician salaries for job postings nationwide.  The median annual salary for a Ultrasound technician is $57, 000 annually.  The minimum salary for starting ultrasound technicians in Illinois was found to be $24 per hour. While those who did overtime were paid $33 per hour. The maximum hourly salary for Ultrasound technician was $45 per hour with maximum wages for overtime found to be $65 per hour.  The average hourly salary for diagnostic ultrasound technician in Illinois was $32.94 per hour.   The top 10 percent were earning at least $85,800 per year, and only the bottom 10 percent had salaries of $49,250 and below per year.

Increase Maximum Salary Level in Illinois?

Ultrasound technologists can do the ascent by garnering work experience; Illinois has some of best accredited schools which can be sought after. Choose ideal locations in Illinois which pay 10 % higher than the rest of its locations, ensure you get enough practical exposure and working experience in the best of medical fraternities in Illinois. . ultrasoundtechnicianpro.com is one such site which gives detailed salary analysis in Illinois.

Earning through Locations in Illinois:-

The average salary range in Illinois was found to range from $61,000 – $72, 000. Here’s what some of the biggest cities in Illinois had to offer. According to salary.com, ultrasound technician’s salary in Springfield  was $72,000 annually while Chicago pays $70,000 which was among the highest . Those employed in Rockford earned $59, 000 which was the least. The rest of the locations in Illinois pay range for ultrasound technologists varied from $60, 000 to $65, 000

Salary through Designations in Illinois

Ultrasound technologists in Illinois are remunerated on basis of the designation offered and its additional responsibilities.  According to Indeed.com data on Jan 30, 2013, Ultrasound technician with job designation as “Medical Instrument Technologist Echocardiography” in Illinois earned the least with $52,000 along with “General ultrasound sonographer” at $54, 000. Job designations as “Ultrasound Technician Ultr UP” earned highest with $107,000 while the rest like “Senior Ultrasound Technologist in Illinois, Medical Instrument Technician Ultrasound in Illinois, and Supervisory Medical Instrument Technician in Illinois” earned average salary in range of $57, 000 to $ 75, 000.